Indian Overseas Congress, USA Vice-Chair George Abraham condoles Father Stan Swamy’s death in custody

“It is a dark day for democracy in India, and the national leadership and members of the judiciary should hang their heads in shame,” said George Abraham, vice-chairman of the Indian Overseas Congress, USA who was reacting to the death of Stan Swamy, who dedicated his life to serving the poor tribals in India. Father Swamy’s detention and treatment in prison that led to his death is a blot on the consciousness of the nation and a travesty of justice,” said Mr. Abraham.

Father Stan Swamy was held in detention under the draconian law called  UAPA, which is supposed to be a tool against terrorists. It is pitiful that a country that professes to broadcast to the world about its cultural and human virtues would treat a frail, old man of 84 years old who was suffering from Parkinson’s disease this way! He even needed a court’s intervention to receive a straw to drink water, and his request to move him to a hospital due to Covid was much delayed by the judiciary that may have cost him his life.