US Govt Condemns Citizenship Bill and NRC: ‘Bald Attempt to Split Society’

NEW DELHI: The United States House of Representatives held a public hearing on October 22 on human rights in south Asia, whose first part saw congresspersons question their government on its position and policies in the region.

The hearing in front of a packed hall was chaired by Bradley Sherman, a Democrat congressman from California. The government’s Department of State was represented by Robert Destro, assistant secretary of state for democracy, human rights and labor, and by Alice Wells who was appointed acting assistant secretary for south and central Asia in 2017.

In response to tough questioning about the discriminatory character of the National Register of Citizens, which the Supreme Court has allowed to proceed apace without having decided on its constitutionality, and the Citizenship Amendment Bill pending in Parliament, Destro affirmed that the US government condemns “the concept of denying someone’s legal rights and obligations based on their religion”.

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