‘Blood on their hands’ – Julio Ribeiro


Julio Ribeiro

Fr. Stan Swamy is an apt candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize. I appeal to my readers to support my call to the Swedish Academy that chooses the winners to consider his case posthumously. If the prize is awarded to this martyred Jesuit priest from India, a representative of the Adivasi people whose rights he fought for during his now shortened life, should accept the honour for him.

The charges against him by an insensitive State were that he had been dancing with the banned Maoist organisation operating in the forests of Jharkhand. The accusers obviously were unlettered! Jesuit priests and Marxists both work for the poor and the dispossessed but in diametrically opposite ways. To understand that basic fact, one has to grasp the real essence of the teachings of Christ, and by extension of Christianity.

Iranian-American writer and an accomplished professor of comparative religions in the US, Reza Aslan, called Jesus a ‘zealot’. He concluded that Jesus was primarily a rebel against injustice. His targets were two — the Roman conquerors who ruled over the land of Israel through a governor, and the Jewish clergy, the Rabbinate that had turned religion into a commercial enterprise.


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